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Well, you must be thinking about the name, ‘Rhododendron’. Why such an unusual name! Before we explain about the name it’s better to let you know the meaning. Rhododendron is a genus of over a thousand of species of arboreal florae in the heath family, considered to be evergreen. Now the reason of keep such a name was rhododendron is something perennial and ageless and the second reason being most of us who started rhododendron are Bengali scattered around the country and around globe. All of us still hum the tune of “Mohiner Ghoraguli” and somehow it keeps us connected with an invisible string of nostalgia.

Our prime intention is to keep it beyond normative and beyond the reach of so called structured stereotypes. We will always strive for betterment in order to keep our creative fluid flowing. Rhododendron saw its first launch of the website end of January, 2014 conceptualizing multiple categories related to Cinema, Music, Photography, Contemporary Literature etc.

Rhododendron.in basically started with an urge to write about Cinema. Cinema, that influences us to write about. We all more or less into Cinema, It has somehow has become an integral part of life. Cinema is rather an expression of human lives, though Rhododendron deals with diversified range of topics related to Photography, Music and Contemporary Literature. Photography, Music and Contemporary Literature go hand in hand with Cinema.

We will strive to make Rhododendron an archive of resource of news and analysis of Films, Photography and music accompanying the original set of works by a unique set of individuals. But Rhododendron.in is still in its nascent stage, hence slips cannot be ruled out.

If you think Rhododendron.in is good enough or you have a suggestion for us to improve quality of our content for a great visibility to our users, please feel free to write to us. We will always love to hear from you. Get back to us at editor@rhododendron.in

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Disclaimer: Please note that we do not encourage any kind of hate speech (including any content that incites extreme dislike or promotes any sort of violence against an individual or a group based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, gender, veteran status, disability, age, or sexual orientation/gender identity), pestering, bullying, or similar verses that advocates impairment against an individual or group. If any point you feel any of these cited above is violated, please do report to us at contact@rhododendron.in