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Shredding the paranoia, breaking the boundary, building a path towards a new center of thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Whiff of a new world with hope, love and peace. Let rhododendron light the way towards a new beginning. Here we will basically post on contemporary literature. Having said that we necessarily mean that the literature we will focus on will not be necessarily follow the rules and regulation that a Litérateur follows. It will be somewhat different than conventional.


In Rabindranath Tagore’s words in Fireflies:


My fancies are fireflies, —
Specks of living light
twinkling in the dark.


The voice of wayside pansies,
that do not attract the careless glance,
murmurs in these desultory lines.


In the drowsy dark caves of the mind
dreams build their nest with fragments
dropped from day’s caravan.


Spring scatters the petals of flowers
that are not for the fruits of the future,
but for the moment’s whim.


Joy freed from the bond of earth’s slumber
rushes into numberless leaves,
and dances in the air for a day.