We will necessary talk about Cinema here. Rhododendron basically started with an urge to write about Cinema. Cinema, that influences us to write about. We all more or less into Cinema, It has somehow has become an integral part of life. Cinema is rather an expression of human lives, though Rhododendron deals with diversified range of topics related to Photography, Music and Contemporary Literature.

It is very important to quote the below excerpt from “Speaking of Films”

“Even Today, There are debates over whether or not Cinema can be called a form of art. Those who are not prepared to give it that status claim that cinema has no soul of it own; it is a weird mixture of components taken from literature and other forms of art.
The problem is over the word ‘art’. If the word ‘language’ is used instead, I think the true nature of cinema will become clearer and there will be no need for debate.
Just as a writer has words at his disposal, a film-maker has image and sound that make up the language of cinema. If this language is not handeled skilfully, if the film-maker fails to grasp its grammar and if, in the end, the final message of the film is not imparted strongly enough, how can anyone ever produce a good film? So much is written every day,but how much of that emerges as good literature? the artist must come before his art. Where there is no artist, no art can be created even if all the relevant material is available.
There is no doubt that cinema includes elements of literature and other forms of art. the Conflict shown in drama, the narrative description in a novel to establish its plot and set its atmosphere, the interplay between light and shade in a painting, the movement and rhythm of music – each has found a place in a cinema. But Language that consists of image and sound-which has no existence unless it is seen and heard-is a completely distinct language. As a result, even when the message being conveyed is the same, there is bound to be a difference in style. That style is exclusive to cinema. That is why, even when it bears elements from other art forms, cinema remains unique.”

–Satyajit Ray