Strike 2 – The Tattoo Tale

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So, how do you perceive a person who has a tattoo? Obviously, tattoos visible are no surprise. But what if you find out that the person you know or you’re dating has a tattoo? For me, personally, when I see someone with a tattoo, I first find out if he/she got it as a show thing or so to speak to look cool. To be honest, I tend to think of the person having a loose or a laid back attitude. If the tattoo is a general one, its still fine. But what if he/she has got their lover’s or husband/wife’s name inked?! That is just atrocious coz I feel,there is no need to prove you love someone truly by inking their name on yourself. Eventually the tattoo will fade out and once you get all old and wrinkled up, the name will get distorted 😀

Also, one can digest a particular tattoo if if has an interesting and a valid story behind it. I don’t understand what’s the whole fun of getting slokas from the Vedas or Puranas as tattoos on one’s self. Isn’t it making a mockery of your heritage? Also, people do have a certain way as to how they would perceive you depending on your gender. Its totally different for a guy and a gal! A guy with a tattoo is assumed to be someone who is “cool”, “funky” and someone with the MTV attitude, if you know what I mean. Whereas, at the same time a girl is perceived as someone with a loose character, a carefree attitude  someone who might be into “black nail polish”; boozing and fagging are like understood habits of the gal.Tattoos for some people also signify a mark of rebellion, someone who might be rich spoiled brats who do not know the value of money and who have strong opinions of life.

Also, the location of the tattoo matters a lot! For example, if it a visible tattoo like on the arm or the ankle or the sorts its still fine. What if its on the mid riff? You will find the person wearing inappropriate clothes to just show it off. Tattoos might be acceptable elsewhere, but in India, a college student is justified wearing that inked thing across, but all else are under the scanner.

Whatever may the case be, all I say is that a tattoo should not be used as a judging criteria. If you see, some of our grandmothers also might have that tattoo like inking on their arm, the green color design they used to ink in villages. But we have never got down to judging their character. So, in a nutshell, a person should be judged for his qualities rather than the ink he has on his/her body. This post might be an eye opener to me as well. 😉

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AnonymousStrike 2 – The Tattoo Tale

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