Strike 1 – Carrie has always been my inspiration :)

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Simple, Average and Moderate on the outside; Extraordinary, par Excellence and Stupendous on the inside 🙂 Indian single women have always been scared or rather consider it a taboo to talk about relationships and beyond. Maybe things are changing now, but still I don’t find myself discussing about relationships in the open like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from the famous TV series saga Sex and The City.

This is a simple yet striving effort of mine to pen down thoughts of single women like me who have indulged in a relationship or two. I also have been quite the agony aunt and have listened to quite a number of relationship stories. So I thought I might be apt to play the virtual Indian Carrie Bradshaw. Of course, my articles might be quite dialed down and more suited for the Indian bachelorette.

The SaTC series actually helps a girl identify with at least one of the characters. Well, if not completely, at least partially we are somehow relatable to their love life and relationships. I for instance can relate a lil to Miranda and her relationships. Miranda is a lawyer by profession who is strongly a career driven woman, highly ambitious and have very less time for romance and the time needed to invest and harvest in relationships. I am partly Carrie as well, who has a wide perspective on relationships, who has quite some time on hand for the guys in her life, who is emotional but also has her head firmly on the shoulders. Charlotte is more of a pativrata ladki, the types who worship love and who values her relationships with men beyond measure, so much that she is ready to give up her ambitions in the wake of starting her own family. Last, and the most colorful of all, Samantha can be summed up as an intelligent slut; intelligent because she has a flourishing career of her own plus she is not scared of flaunting her love life in the open. She doesn’t believe in maintaining relationships with men but is strongly guarded by her own set of rules when it comes to her friends.

So, in a nutshell, I think we single gals must be able to bracket ourselves a lil into each of these 4 women or a combination of them. In this humble attempt of mine, I wish to write my take on relationships with men at large and with women in general and how we deal with the short comings or the faux pas we come across in our day to day lives.. 🙂 Also, I will be writing about any other such related topics which influence us in perceiving people or inspire us in any which way. In short, any such topic that might have an influence on relationships is something that I would write about here.

As mentioned in my post title, I am strongly inspired by the topics on which Carrie had her take on, so I will continue to imbibe from them and write my own take on the topics as a single Indian gal 🙂

Do encourage me and any useful inputs are always a welcome 🙂

— Colour Bomb ^_^



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AnonymousStrike 1 – Carrie has always been my inspiration :)

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