The Melodrama of Abstinence

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It was a cauldron of belief, nevertheless a silence,
It took a long flight on the chariot of Beauvoir’s theory,
The theory of existentialism is forthright false and premature
The tea cup on the balcony stilt has more wisdom than Rembrandt
It was merely floating in the hope of extreme abstinence
Mr Roy’s Elmira had the mirage of a sexist sore
The sore that for ages had drowned in the phallus,
The cubicles retarded to the foetus
Olga’s desire to soothe the rampage, had nothing but precocious foreplay.
The melodrama’s still on with furor
The things still floating in the labia minora.

Ayan Deb

Ayan Deb

Ayan, the Editor-in-chief of is one of the most talented individuals in our board of Authors. He has been the PRO of Sharbari Dutta, the famous bengali Fashion designer. His sense of aesthetics and art oozes out in his writings and in his portraits.
Ayan Deb
Ayan DebThe Melodrama of Abstinence

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