Jabong India Online Fashion Week 2014

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To have the right pictures to the world of fashion, you not simply need to enter the first photographic coliseum, yet you will need to depend fundamentally on a fashion photographer, a photographer who realizes that world of fashion and knows how to take pictures where the fashion photographer will indeed acknowledge yourself as an incredible photograph shoot which will accentuate your photogenic and your capacity to play different sorts of persons.

These pictures speak to your personal book for fashion is crucial as additionally composite and they truly are your first Business Card, with which you can begin to offer to the best modeling agencies. Accurately on account of the key essentialness of the photographs for any yearning model recommend, in this way, to depend on a decent expert, who works daily in the fashion world, and that it is capable, on the premise of the physical and mental attributes of the model, comprehend, if the yearning for model is more suitable for walkways, for design lists, publicizing etc.

The Jabong India Online Fashion Week dedicated aspiring Designers, Models, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Photographers, will be held between 25th to 30th July, 2014 to promote fashion. During this major event, the numerous online guests and industry experts from far and wide will uncover in see the new patterns of the season.

Here is an arrangement of the fashion photographerswho will cover the Jabong IOFW:

Abhishek Kharkar happened to find further on Polaroid work by working as the heading associate with Vikram Bawa and additionally on a little number of coursework with Prabuddha Dasgupta, showing him the a bit of mercy to work with the giants of photography in India.

Ashish Gurbani boasts joint work experiences with top photographers like Vikram Bawa, and trust in transforming masterful thoughts into a reality.

Jayavanti Loundo has covered events in the vein of Femina Style Diva, London Fashion Week and expects to stroll around style and capacity like a co-related reason falling back on untried methods with promoting it as a visual dispatch through photographs.

Monisha Ajgaonkar has worked among magazines like Man’s World and has shot spreads for HT Brunch, as likewise has completed portfolio shoots for Monica Dogra, Anushka Manchanda, and Pia Trivedi.

Riddhi Parekh’s fixation developed quickly when she went onto turn into the Master artist of the year and additionally stowed the top Fashion Photography and Food Photography Award, Luxoculus.


Fashion week photography records the exceptional cooperation between the design photographic artist and the artists that has the understanding to offer life to a stunning association between art and fashion, a visionary and modernist context totally one of a kind and creative for now is the right time. It is along these lines to make a universe in which the present day man and lady are encompassed by figures from pictures and indications of the specialty of two specialists who together understand the situations and foundations for photography shoots.

This incredible collaboration is so essential at the time, which always renews itself and is a witness to the evolution of fashion, as well as the work of these artists and cultural developments, with the opening towards the avant-garde.

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