Hrid Majharey : Review

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Hrid Majharey starts with an extremely rumpled Abhijit (Abir), goes into the room and discovers Debjani (Raima) dead. Then there is a flashback and we get to see the explanation for such a lethal conclusion. Abhijit is a professor of Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College Kolkata. He lives with his sister who is a Journalist by profession. One rainy night he gives Debjani a lift in his car and Cupid strikes. They date and fall head over heels in love. Abhijit however confronts an issue at his work when a student proposes him. He rejects the proposal and she does something to take a revenge on the teacher. Confronted with such grave issues at work, alongside Debjani he goes to the Andamans looking for another life. There they meet Shubro who is a lesser of Debjani. Abhijit on occasion stands out just enough to be noticed on Debjani. Shubro bites the dust in a mishap and this leaves Abhijit in a confounded state. He starts to address himself about the prescience of the seer. What really happens next? Does Abhijit leave Debjani? Who executed Debjani? Hrid Majharey answers every one of them.

Director Rangan Ghosh deserves truly a couple of appreciative praises for managing the Shakespearean ideas in such a captivating way. Regardless of bringing numerous a Shakespearean components in this film, the chief shows the affection story artistically. This mixing is the thing that gives the story an unique taste. The diviner will help numerous to remember the Witches in the catastrophe Macbeth. It is the Witches who activated off the idle desire of Macbeth. Also Abhijit in the wake of being taboo to fall head over heels in love really falls profoundly enamored with Debjani. This is a basic instance of the Forbidden Fruit which is more alluring because of this very viewpoint.

What is additionally outstanding is the way that the component of Hamartia which is a remarkable part of the disastrous legends has likewise been appeared. Abhijit’s Hamartia is his uncertainty (much like Hamlet’s hesitation) furthermore the way that he gets irate effectively (Much like King Lear). These are two of the most unique blemishes in the overall beguiling Abhijit. It is these qualities which lead him to take immediate arrangements which really hurt him in courses more than one.

Acting by the cast gets huge thumbs up and capably helps the executive in this venture. Sohag Sen as the seer is simply great. You will really need to take a second look to comprehend that it is her. She is that persuading! Raima as the cardiologist does equity to her part. Indrasish Ray as Shubhro likewise underpins the acting division well. Abir Chatterjee as Abhijit is a standout amongst the most attractive teachers that I have seen in my life. No big surprise that the learner Shinjini really succumbs to him. The on-screen character is simply fabulous in the sentimental scenes. The delicate look and the dimpled grin will soften numerous a young lady’s heart away and Debjani in the film succumbs to his charms. He should likewise be given kudos for bringing out the vexed feelings in a man so well. The apprehension and the uncertainty that he depicts with his eyes and declarations will really touch your heart.

Music in the film by Mayookh Bhowmick is so hopefully able and mixes truly well with the storyline. The music chief presents us with such alleviating sentimental numbers like Emni Korey that you will most likely be murmuring them to your accomplice whenever you are on a charming spree.

Andamans has been shot greatly. You really get to see the excellence of the spot furthermore the pulverization created by the regular catastrophe. It is high time that chiefs ought to consider setting off to this spot for the shooting of movies.

Hrid Majharey demonstrates that Love could be both delicate and rough. It can flourish your life and also push you to enough agonies that will take even a lifetime to recuperate. The film will clearly touch your heart and will guarantee that it stays in your heart for a long time.

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