MTV Webbed 2 – Episode 11 – Forbidden Love (A Quick Check)

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It is the story of two young men who find comfort in each other, a story of friendship and a saga of battered love(Named asForbidden Love). What is on the web is never what it really seems.  Its an yearning a young soul petrified out of normative structure of our society.


The family is a concept that has been exploited and debated for years, allowing its definition to be scientifically sectioned into gendered, generational, and situational subsets. Not only have scientists tried to label what defines and constitutes a family, but so have the social workers employed by foster care programs, and religious or political leaders outlining their cause. One must acknowledge that each of these people, studying and trying to understand the cultural norm or abnormality to the collective deemed “family”, approaches his/her definition with certain bias according to historically cemented dioramas. The notion of family throughout history has taken on many forms and along with it are those who are determined to categorize it and its constitution. The insistence on outlining the commandments of family comes from the need for regulation as to what lies within or outside the limits of its definition. The debate as to what these limits are constantly imbues current media.

Looking into the family dynamic portrayed in primetime television, we have seen a change from the stringent nuclear hetero-normative roles of Anurag and Ved to the multifaceted community found in Friends. Using the example of Anurag and Ved does not completely discredit the fact that there are probably underlying, undefined, examples of alternate family roles presented in the show or that Friends is the new recipe for society’s current ideal of family. What these two shows do express is the shift in focus from the mom and pop mandate of family to a more intrinsic and webbed view of its members. Realizing that the definition of family has changed within the last fifty years so has television’s portrayal of it. Included in the new concept of family is not only the roles of its members and their power struggles, but exactly what we are now allowing to be deemed a family.

Along with codifying the members of a family come the questions of whether a family is a nuclear base for community, why are we so insistent to define a family, and why are new forms of the family repealed so heavily at first in mass media. To be more specific with the last question: Is television programming a catalyst or is it simply a mirror reflecting current issues and problems arising in the normative view of family? Why are so many people eager to berate television shows that represent “alternate” patterns of stable family ties? Also what drives an audience to seek new forms of familial representation is a subject worth exploring if only to look briefly into the push behind the executives to come out with shows which delineate families in a much broader stage.

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Dibyendu PaulMTV Webbed 2 – Episode 11 – Forbidden Love (A Quick Check)

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