Children of War Movie Review: A Tale of Socio-Political Relevance

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A man’s inclination to return to history occasionally for different reasons and a movie maker additionally takes after this diktat on and off. I for one have dependably had an interest for history as I accept we have a common interest to know all the more about what befell us previously, perhaps some place among the stories from the past there could be a lesson or two that we could remember for what’s to come. Post the part of India in 1947 and the ensuing production of Pakistan, the two neighboring nations have been conflicting on different events, prompting wars both formally and secretly. In any case in 1971 the phenomena watched was an exemption, India went to war with Pakistan by and by (after 1965) however this time the reason being something that was never an immediate bone of conflict between the 2 Nations. Bangladesh or East Pakistan as it was prior known as was battling its War of Liberation with Pakistan and the Pakistani administration in an exceptional dishonorable demonstration of dread happened to unleash a mass genocide. About 3 million individuals were apparently murdered and something like 4 lacs ladies assaulted, in a completely savage act. India’s backing to the Bangladeshi liberation development, prompted an immediate war with Pakistan, and additionally empowered the formation of Bangladesh before the end of 1971.

Indeed today more than 4 decades since the creation of Bangladesh we keep on hearring stories of how individuals included with the war law violations are still to be rebuffed, a ton of them actually having succeeded over years. Considering this setting, Mrityunjay Devvrat‘s introduction film Children of war (prior titled as The Bastard Child) is more than an important film and it was truly amazing to note that somebody would need to begin his filmmaking profession with such a hard hitting subject. With the trailer being revealed I was all the more fascinated and snared with what was set up on presentation. To be totally straightforward this was one film that I trusted would not be simply an endeavor to sensationalize and really wind up doing equity to the point/foundation as well as stay pertinent to all the individuals who somehow or the other have been influenced straightforwardly or by implication by the happenings of 1971.

Children of war weaves together a couple of tracks, all joined with the Bangladesh Liberation development in 1971, however there is a non-direct example emulated with an endeavor to join the happenings of 1971 with the current socio-political situation in the nation. As ordered by the Pakistani administration and trying to control the developing interest for liberation and making of a free Bangladesh, the Pakistani Army which was posted in Bangladesh was given supreme forces to run the nation in the manner they best regarded fit. Each one of the individuals who were a piece of the liberation development specifically or in a roundabout way were focused on and managed in the cruelest of ways. At the point when Aamir (Indraneil Sengupta), a regarded columnist and a supporter of the liberation development is getting a charge out of a private minute with his wife Fida (Raima Sen) when in freight ships the Pakistani Army headed by the pitiless Malik (Pavan Malhotra) who happens to assault Fida before Aamir. Aamir is pummeled and left to kick the bucket, while Fida is stuffed off to a camp, reminiscent of the Nazi death camps where is she joined by more ladies who have confronted comparable circumstances. Malik and the men keep the ladies under brutal conditions, treating them as sexual slaves.

Then again we get to see Rafiq (Riddhi Sen) and his sister Kausar (Rucha Inamdar) who on understanding that they have lost all their close and dear ones choose to cross the outskirt and enter India as recommended by their father prior. Rafiq is furiously defensive of his sister and his determined mission is to guarantee that they securely figure out how to achieve their end of the line. On the way they experience a gathering of individuals headed by Baba (Victor Banerjee) and exactly when they feel that they have another group of their own, they end up in solitude by and by as calamity strikes and their mission is all the more fortified. Woven around these two stories we get to see different strings essential spinning around the liberation development and additionally what’s occurring in present day Bangladesh. How do all these portions interconnect and what happens to the individuals that the film discusses and the whole foundation is the thing that whatever is left of the film prompts.

children of war

Children of War starts in marvelous manner with archival footage of a meeting of Indira Gandhi where she is ruthlessly legitimate about her considerations on the advancements in Bangladesh of 1971. This sets the tone for whatever remains of the film to take after. Malik’s sudden entrance into Aamir’s home and his assault of Fida is indicated in amazingly sensible manner and there is no titillation yet not just aversion in our brain when we see it, this is presumably what Mrityunjay precisely needed us to feel. So also the scenes of the camp where Fida, Bhitika (Tillotama Shome) and others are kept hostage are again eerie and truly hard hitting. Specifically I discovered the scene where Rafiq and Kausar are on the watercraft and on their path to the Indian fringe and with Kausar getting various dreams of different individuals in the vessel, to be truly great. Fasahat Khan‘s cinematography is extremely noteworthy and he brings alive the scenes so gloriously  be it the night scenes in the Pakistani Army camp or in the wide open in the open as Rafiq and Kausar proceed with their voyage, there is a sure sheen that is noticeable which looks admirable.

Apurva Asrani‘s editing is again one of the highlights of the film as we see shrewd use of scenes and minutes dissolving one into alternate crosswise over different focuses in the film. The film additionally is of pretty much the right length, exceptionally imperative that Apurva and Mrityunjay got this perspective right considering the sort of film that Children of War is. Sidhant Mathur’s tunes and Ishaan Chhabra’s experience score supplement one another well, impeccably in sync with the way of the film. Also it was enjoyably astonishing to see the utilization of “Ae Ki Holo“, the prominent Kishore Kumar number (additionally utilized as a part of Hindi as Yeh Kya Hua in Amar Prem) from the 1970uttam Kumar Bengali hit film- Rajkumari, the melody getting put at the right minute too. Talking of exhibitions it is yet basic that I start by discussing Pavan Malhotra who is essentially eminent as Malik, so great is his depiction that we can’t yet help abhorring his character from the minute he makes his entrance. Raima Sen is sincere as Fida and I couldn’t however perceive how perfect she looked even in her hostage state :). Tillotoma Shome as the torch Bhitika is well thrown and its great to see Indraneil Sengupta convey of the feelings needed by Aamir really well.


Riddhi Sen and Rucha Inamdar are the shock components in the film, both getting abundant footage and making great utilization of the same. Be that as it may I’m a bit unsure if the way their story finishes could have been passed on in a somewhat better mold, that is something that just Mrityunjay Devvrat alone can remark upon. Delight Sengupta has literally nothing to do in the film and Farooque Shaikh and Victor Banerjee in their particular cameos pass on how encounter and class does make a difference. Children of War will likewise be recognized as most likely the last film of Farooque Shaikh (unless somebody brings out a film from a dusty pantry); all the more motivation to feel that it would have respected see him in a more extended limit in the film. The film is hard hitting and actually disgusting at spots, however then that is correctly what a subject like this will and ought to wind up doing. One of the reasons for alarm I had at first before viewing the film was whether the film would wind up unnecessarily sensationalizing the subject, particularly the mass assaulting plot however appreciatively the apprehensions vanish as the film disentangles. A film on war wrongdoing will be irritating; however it needs a capable pair of hands to keep the energy going the right way.


That Mrityunjay Devvrat has figured out how to tread the street less voyaged and convey an impactful film on such a significant point is without anyone else’s input a triumph for him and his group. What’s significantly additionally gladdening is that he has figured out how to haul out this exertion in his first excursion as a producer, making the endeavor all the more laudable. On a separating note I ask why Mrityunjay did not decided to make the film as a bi-lingual, with a variant in Bengali too considering the fundamental reason. I figure I’ll save this inquiry for Mrityunjay himself one day. For the time being I’d recommend that Children of War is a film that is well worth your time and cash this weekend, so pull out all the stops particularly on the off chance that you are a genuine beau of silver screen.

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Dibyendu PaulChildren of War Movie Review: A Tale of Socio-Political Relevance

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