The Andromeda Strain Film Review

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Robert Wise’s “The Andromeda Strain” works sensibly well as science fiction, yet I would prefer not to approach it in a fiction temperament today.

The most intriguing thing about the film, I think, is its generation plan, which appears to have started where the insides of the space station in “2001: A Space Odyssey” left off. We possess an universe of easily, unendingly bending womblike plastic, with here a handle and there a machine read-out screen, and the sensation the film provides for us is similar to changeless home in another Otis lifts.

One of the issues with science-fiction motion pictures has dependably been the fittings. We’re asked to accept that our saints are some place past Alpha Centuri and grabbing steam, yet their control board resembles a 1949 Studebaker that is dropped corrosive. The low in these matters was arrived at with Captain Video on the old Dumont system, whose boat really shook all over as it cruised the ocean of space, which probably had waves much the same as the sea.

“2001” put all that behind, and made it essential for science-fiction films (yearning ones, at any rate) to make a nature’s domain. “The Andromeda Strain” does that completely splendidly. The human characters just about appear a shame to the Wildfire Project, a hermetically fixed lab on five levels subterranean.


Their association with the machines that run Wildfire is, if anything, more personal than the companionship between HAL 9000 and his human associates in “2001.” HAL was a machine shrewd enough to think, however he “related” with people in a folksy kind of way that made him half-satisfactory.

No such exertion is made to acculturate the machine in “Andromeda,” and they continue on ahead with the productivity of a Honeywell sales representative. What’s intriguing is the way the people get the workstation state of brain. They once in a while slip into mankind (especially on account of Kate Reid, as a hard woman scholar of a particular age). However when the going gets intense, they get theoretical and machine-like even to one another.

Once in a while films join covered levels, and I think this is one. On the level of fiction, “The Andromeda Strain” is an awe inspiring stimulation that will get you agonized over whether they’ll have the capacity to hold that bizarre blob of outsider green precious stone. However in the event that you end up encountering “Andromeda” on just the story level, force once more for a minute and watch those individuals and those machines. Permit yourself to be lured for a minute by that nature’s domain, which is ventilated and in a roundabout way lighted and checking toward oneself and mechanized and God comprehends what else, and inquire as to whether this is truly the bearing human inner part enriching is moving in, or if the Holiday Inn has been off-base.

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