Alik Sukh : Movie Review

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Happiness is a state of psyche. A beggar could simply be the world’s happiest man and a tycoon could succumb to melancholy even at the crest of his profession. Along these lines, Dr Kinshuk Guha (Debshankar Halder), an eminent center-matured gynecologist viewed himself as upbeat. Also, why wouldn’t he? He was popular. He was appended to practically all the enormous nursing homes in the city. He had a little however joyful crew. His cherishing wife, Ramyani ( Rituparna Sengupta), child Tatan (Aritra) and elderly folks stayed with him and were his help supportive network. Until one day everything comes out..



Kinshuk books an unmanageable even for Ramyani as a blessing for their commemoration. The scene soon movements to the doctor’s facility, where a patient, Kabita Mondol ( Sohini Sengupta), bites the dust because of post-agent difficulties. Torn between his longing for satisfying his dreams and his obligations as a specialist, Kinshuk comes back to the doctor’s facility just to face the disturbed relatives of the dead patient, who later cabin a grumbling against him for his unreliable conduct.

Kingshuk, sure of his position in the general public, acknowledges the circumstances as part and bundle of his calling and declines to assume ownership Kabita’s demise. On the other hand, his wife begins daydreaming Kabita, who could simply be a fantasy of her creative ability, yet shows up as the mirror of her spirit — her still, small voice that continually addresses the well-to-do public opinion’s adaptation of good and bad.

As Kingshuk and Ramyani have a distinction of estimation — both adhering to their particular adaptations of white and dark, a lot of people monstrous truths about the therapeutic calling go to the fore. We ask why a subject like this has not been managed before by any movie producer… Because of executive-couple, Shiboprasad and Nandita, for taking it up and introducing it in a touchy way.

Then again, Sohini Sengupta’s depiction of Kabita was made unnecessarily creepy and exaggerated in numerous events, kindness the foundation score by Joy Sarkar. The writer tries excessively hard to bring out a startling feel. We’re certain that was not what the executives planned.

The film, then again, brags of some heavenly exhibitions by the performing artists. Rituparna as Ramyani looks defenseless in her understated interpretations of powerlessness, misery and frenzy. Sohini’s execution — all with her showy touches and non-verbal communication — is certain to provide for you goosebumps. Biswanath Basu as Kabita’s spouse and Kharaj Mukherjee as the quick legal advisor are essentially splendid. In any case, its Debshankar Halder who’s the true show-stealer. Having stolen a few hearts with his exhibitions before — both in front of an audience and in movies — Debshankar at the end of the day does complete equity to his part, as the hero in Alik Sukh. Kinshuk’s arrogance, his bewilderment and displeasure coming about because of intense misery — Debshankar catches all with aplomb.

Nonetheless, credit goes to the executives for being so particular in their decision of great performers — rather than stars — and acquiring the best in them.


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Dibyendu PaulAlik Sukh : Movie Review

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