Photo credit: Swastik Pal

For decades i have laid,
Parched in the moon and sun;
On the journey of experience overpaid,
Pitch upon pitch; Am the one…

The cruelty of life mostly seen,
Amidst the hoot and honk of the wheel;
The dying man’s eyes, thirsty and keen
Bothers none, left alone to deal…

The busy schedule of work and run
Breathing heavy with a deep sigh;
Shooting arrow, bereft of love but fun,
Cupid’s panache esteemed high….

Yet here i lay,
Not allowed to sway,
Meandering silently through the day,
Man’s degenerated and dilapidated grey…

Arnab Karmakar

Arnab Karmakar ( Ornob Karmakar in Facebook) is a 21yrs old student in his final year of graduation. Doing his bachelor’s degree in English Literature under CU, Ornob is keenly interested in Culture and Art. Apart from academics Ornob is into dancing (not the bone wrenching 'hip hop' but the soothing 'contemporary' and 'creative dance'). He draws his inspiration from spirituality and believes in 'carpe diem' philosophy of life.

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