Food Delight – Bahadura Laddu & Ghevar

I went to Gwalior in August 2012. It was the month of Shravan. The Teej celebration was round the corner and the sweet shops were offering a sensitive sweet which looked like thick papad from a separation.

Inquisitive as ever, I asked regarding what it was and we were told that it was “Ghevar”, a sweet made for Teej and Raksha Bandhan. It was yummy and we savored it completely. Bansal Petha Bhandar in Gwalior is a well known shop known for Petha, a sweet made out of fiery debris gourd. In any case throughout the month of Shravan, the shop makes gently tasteful ghevar which is made of ghee, maida and jaggery.


Our gourmet interest implied that I investigate the other culinary treats of Gwalior. Regularly, the first thing I generally do when I land at a spot is to get some information about neighborhood delicacy, the best restaurant and sweet shop in the city. I did the same here excessively and our next stop  at “Bahadura Sweets” renowned for its “Bahadura Laddus” named after the late Bahadur Prasad Sharma the organizer of the sweet shop.

A famous shop established 80 years prior, the laddus are made out of boondi which is cooked on coal. Little drops of chick pea hitter drop into the hot ghee and are brought out with a substantial punctured spoon, called jhara,when completely browned. The boondi is then submerged in sugar syrup and later moved into laddus. It ought to be consumed hot and in the shop.


In the wake of consuming the laddus don’t miss enjoying fresh kachoris with tart chutney in Bahadura Sweets. It is yummy!

Gwalior like different urban areas in Madhya Pradesh is a gourmet heaven. Whether it is Suleiman chai with Kebab buns in Bhopal or Dahi Vada and Ghamandi Lassi in Indore, Bhang bound Thandai in Ujjain, Kachoris in Rau close Indore, Jalebis in Jabalpur you adore going in Madhya Pradesh on the off chance that you love nearby cooking.

Next time when you visit Gwalior and wrap up the great stronghold, don’t neglect to have a dining experience at these sweet shops. Overlook consuming fewer calories while in Gwalior!


Glossary  of Food and Indian Festivities:

Shravan – The month in Hindu timetable in which numerous celebrations happen. For the most part in the month of August.

Teej Festival – A Hindu celebration. It is seen by ladies for wellbeing of their spouse.

Raksha Bandhan – A Hindu celebration. It is seen by ladies for health of their siblings.

Laddu – A ball-formed sweet made of flour and sugar with different elements that fluctuate by formula.

Kachori – A zesty and broiled nibble famous in North India and pakistan. Consumed with or without chutney

Chai – Indian tea

Dahi Vada – Lentil Fritters plunged in Yogurt & spread with flavors

Lassi – Sweet Yogurt, Indian style!

Bhang – A readiness from the leaves and blossoms (buds) of the female cannabis plant, devoured as refreshment in the Indian Subcontinent.

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