It’s 2014. Music innovation is more effective and accessible than at any time in the past, forming prominent music into something that is exceptionally computerized and integrated. Yet a few musical artists who won’t surrender their adoration of guitar are bringing it into the present day period. These guitarists both pay tribute to and develop in excess of 60 years of guitars commanding prominent music, demonstrating that the main restriction to an instrument is the artist wielding it. Here are the ten best guitarists at this moment.


1. Macintosh DEMARCO


Macintosh Demarco is a goofy man. He’s kidding around in very nearly the greater part of the footage we’ve seen of him in front of an audience. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a standout amongst the most skilled guitarists on this schedule. His tunes are unusual yet appealing with a nostalgic feeling of something you can’t exactly put your finger on. His guitar performances are imaginative, brilliant and never pompous. His support band is constantly on point, and notwithstanding the measure of fun they generally appear to be having, their ability as artists beams through in the tight turns they smoothly take together. Demarco drives the entire thing like an early ’80s Camaro in a jokester auto’s clothes.




Tame Impala return to the crunchy, staged guitar resonances of ’70s hallucinogenic rock with warm, simple sounding compositions that never go out of style. Their stellar sophomore album, lonerism, which turned out not long ago, draws the audience much further into their universe of foggy and overwhelming foot-stepping riffs and immense wailing performances. By and by, Parker performed the entire collection very nearly only, so he shreds some substantial guitar, as well as plays drums, the bass and keys.




St. Vincent has been doing her thing for a moment. Her style of topsy turvy, rough guitar playing is immediately conspicuous. She additionally has a tendency to play lesser-known brands of guitars with eccentric shapes and sounds like the Harmony. While it’s been several years since she last discharged a fitting solo collection, she as of late put out a collection with the constantly adorable Talking Heads brains David Byrne, which just helps St. Vincent’s rep in our book.




When you consider Vampire Weekend, you may not consider guitar, however it really structures a really significant some piece of the music, playing harmonies and lead riffs that are understated yet emphatically entangled. This is just about all the work of Ezra Koenig, the front man for the band. His guitar playing on a 335-style semi-empty figure guitar is unequivocally educated by the musically many-sided guitar playing of West African popular music. It likewise has a portion of the desperation — also the clean high-end tone — of the punk shake that unquestionably educated his prior playing.




Gary Clark, Jr. could be the most accepted guitar player on the schedule, taking after a long line of heartfelt soul and rock performers. Based out of Austin, he’s frequently hailed as courageously convey Texas Blues into the present day. His playing is grittier than a few soul comrades like The Black Keys. Rather, he depends on an exemplary fluffed out tone, letting notes hang in reaction in a manner that would absolutely do Hendrix gratified.

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