Review: Abasheshey The National Award Winning Film

Once in a while there are individuals whom you haven’t met and don’t know whatsoever. They remain obscure to you in totality. It could be the whole individual or certain things about that individual. In any case consider the possibility that that individual is your mother. Yes, the precise exceptional individual who has conceived you and brought you into this world. The individual, who is the defender, supports you and brings you up with most extreme consideration and warmth, the individual without whom you wouldn’t have been there. Suppose it is possible that such an individual is somebody whom you have never met or known or come to really know and comprehend her long after she is no more.



AbashesheyAditi Roy‘s presentation film is precisely about that mother and child relationship. A child who has never gotten her (after developing together) or known her, yet really feels her vicinity in his life. Perhaps they had been separated for no shortcoming of theirs and possibly could have met, yet these remaining parts superfluous. What gets pertinent is this adventure of self disclosure, of coming to know Kolkata and additionally coming to know his mother. The film is similar to a composition of memories which turn into the essential issue of the film. Abasheshey does switch over and over again yet despite the fact that it may befuddle some; however the way of narrating shouldn’t be an issue for generally individuals. The film has different sides to it.


In the event that it is about Suchismita, the desolate soul who couldn’t be a more satisfied soul and kept everybody around her chipper regardless of her pained life, it is about Soumya, only one more youthful N.R.I. who doesn’t remain only one more adolescent N.R.I after his excursion of self revelation. For Soumya, it is around a great deal of things. It is about knowing his mother, how she saw life and confronted it, the individuals around her and what they intended to her and it is additionally about Kolkata. It is likewise about coming to know the true side of his father it would appear he additionally has a stepsister called Meghla.


In reality, this is the thing that makes the film emerge. It is the vignettes of life and the city of Kolkata which Soumya rediscovers like a string which makes the account stream unreservedly. Kolkata with its rushing about, with its abate and non occurrence work society, the earth and dinginess, the laid back attitude has its negatives, however it has its positives as well. The individuals, the history, the lanes, the Durga Puja, the city with its drowsy methodology to life and warmth yet develops on any individual who has even a remote association with this city extraordinarily in the event that you have existed here and regardless of the possibility that you had basically not existed here , however were only conceived here. Yet this city only develops on you over a time of time and that is the thing that happens to Soumya. These two things-knowing his mother and finding Kolkata run parallel alongside “knowing” himself which is basically astounding. His mother gets to be more near him as he meets the few chose individuals who were her to a great degree close and dear ones.


Late acknowledgment is likewise never past the point of no return and helps one to comprehend something or somebody which may have not happened under typical circumstances. Ranjan Palit who of course made his presentation as a cinematographer in Tollywood with Abasheshey plays with the Polaroid at will. All the shots look so common and well taken and nothing looks in abundance. The foundation score by Prabudhha Banerjee are pleasant and Rupa Ganguly has finished a good employment with the couple of Rabindra Sangeets which she has sung for this film.


Ankur Khanna is magnificent as the youthful N.R.I ,Soumya for whom this adventure to his country is a spirit seeking background. His intonation is correct excessively and he beyond any doubt astounds. Rupa Ganguly as Suchismita likely gives the execution of her lifetime whose internal turmoil and angst is consummately potrayed by her and she makes the character extremely convincing, life like and true. Raima as Nandini who was closest to Suchishmita and looks upon her as her own particular mother is magnificent as a backing to the character of Soumya. Alternate performers or on-screen characters if Deepankar Dey as RangadaManashi Sinha as Piyali, Suman Mukherjee as Amit, Kamalika Banerjee as Rakhi, Sudipta Chakrabarty as Meghla or even Avijit Guha as the liftman-they all have impact so well. Actually executive Suman Mukherjee again astounds after ‘Sthaniyo Sangbad’ and regardless of what he contemplates his acting capacities; he has constantly performed more than note worthily at whatever point he has found the opportunity to act.


All things considered, with respect to Rupa Ganguly getting the national grant for best singer (Female), how about we say that the choice is an abnormal and astonishing one, however such things have happened before at the national recompenses level in the recent past. In the event that Abasheshey might have got a national grant for best Bengali film, it might be a befitting one on the grounds that the film is an exceptionally accommodating film and it comes as more than a charming stun that both the director (Aditi Roy) and script writer (Neel.B.Mitra who has additionally composed the screenplay and dialogs) are amateurs! We might need greater things from both of them in time to come.

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