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This time I have something very interesting and not so conventional to share with my readers. This time the focus area is Noah’s Arc, an American television dramedy. Now you people must be wondering about the very name of the show. No its nothing to do with the ancient Myth from bible. Noah is the name of an African American guy and Arc stands for his three best friends, Alex, Ricky and Chance.


According to some critics Noah’s Arc is just the Gay version of Sex and the City. But in my personal opinion it is beyond from any mere comparison. The series encompasses the gay black guys from different angle. Many of us hardly accustomed to see black African- American people as passive gay characters. But Noah’s Arc makes all of such notions false. One can be completely out of blue. Noah, Alex, Chance all of them are passive in terms of their sexual orientation. But their effeminate nature never let you feel any sort of irritation as several of the gay men is not at all into effeminate stuffs. Rather evry guy would love to get Noah as Boy friend.  Noah’s Arc is very much vocal about African-American Queer community.

You people must be too much taken aback thinking of the black gay men with full of sensitivity, Even the very thought made me spellbound. But trust me guys its simply awesome, just beyond our conventional comprehension. Most of the American gay tele series deals with insensible and funny issues but Noah’s Arc is from different league. In an interview African-American writer and director Patrick-Ian Polk laments, “Is there no one involved at Showtime – the producers, the casting, anywhere in that mix – who asks, ‘Do all these guys have to be white, have dark brown hair and look like brothers in the same family?’ I don’t get it, but it’s always been like that. With media, gay equals white.”

Noah’s Arc features several of our daily activities like Gay Dating, hook ups, all the sensibilities in queer guys, and not so sensible stuffs as well. Noah’s friend Alex is a HIV counselor, it spreads AIDS awareness even it is very much vocal about issues regarding to the Homophobia, gay bashing etc. Noah’s Arc is a complete story of our Life though the afro-American society comes at a large in it. But the most beautiful part of Noah’s Arc is that it is a minute sensible representation of Queer men.



Cast Of Noah’s Arc

Now Get acquainted with the cast of Noah’s Arc:

  • Darryl Stephens as Noah Nicholson
  • Jensen Atwood as Wade Robinson
  • Rodney Chester as Alex Kirby
  • Christian Vincent as Ricky Davis
  • Doug Spearman as Chance Counter
  • Gregory Kieth as Trey Iverson
  • Jonathan Julian as Eddie McEntire
  • Wilson Cruz as Junito Vargas

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Pandect of Noah’s Arc

The show was First Featured on the Logo Cable-Televison network and it didn’t take much time to earn popularity. It deals with four black gay friends featuring their everyday’s triumphs, tragic moments, turbulence of their lives, Love, Relationship, Fun times.


Now I get to Tell about the individual Characters from the series.



The central character of the series.

Noah (Darryl Stephens) is a struggling screenwriter, very much dominant as a person, Cute, Handsome, dark, at times childish falls for handsome dark stud, Wade (Jensen Atwood), who considers himself as straight. Noah is very sensible as a person. He loves his three friends and they are sort of his small world. He laughs with them even cry in their sorrows. Christian Vincent was supposed to play the part of Noah when the audition was held in Los Angeles. From my view No one could be perfect than Darryl Stephens as Noah. Darryl has all the Attributes that the character needs.



Wade Robinson (Jensen Atwood) plays as Noah’s Love and the total story flows around these two. In an interview Jenson was asked if he has any problem of accepting gay roles and is an avid supporter to his gay fans and friends and why it is too difficult for the folks to be transparent with their identity. His answer was “we all have questions in our lives that we either don’t answer or are afraid to answer. So until you can be honest with yourself it’s hard to truly be confident or secure.”

When Noah started falling on Wade, Wade used to consider himself as a straight guy, but eventually their so called friendship was developing spontaneously. Wade was too much passionate about Noah rather He turned into a queer only for Noah, and as it could be possible.. It was his first Love and he was desperate to have Noah around him in all possible ways, which was something he was trying to. But Noah had seen Gay life from very close, he had seen people fickle around, frequent break ups, Typical gay promiscuity, He was not ready invite all those in his life, He needed some time to get the relationship mature. But wade was beyond all these calculations, he was deep in Love. And the time wanted something else. They got separated for some uncertain reasons though at the end of the Season you can see Noah finds Wade, when Wade was injured in an accident and the sequence continues to the “Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom” with their Wedding ceremony. Jensen contributes his good looks along with strong emotional depth which was rarely seen in the whole series.


If you are going to watch the series you people will come to know how powerfully black gay characters are portrayed in each frame which reflects Black American Gay lives on the big screen. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the show or not, none can deny what Polk and his actors have done in the area of the visibility for black gay men. Alex portrayed by the hilarious Rodney Chester gives the comic relief in all part of the series with his self-appointed wedding plans keeping each and every detail in mind and the planning of the ceremony down to the final hour. He is an AIDS councilor having his own HIV clinic where he provides assistance to the people. Noah’s Arc has a strong message toward AIDS awareness. Some short discussions of Alex regarding his clinic hold some significant message to the audience.  His sweetheart nature is really enjoyable. Rodney Chester is a real comic delight throughout whole 2 seasons and the movie and provides his character the kind of larger-than-life image which translates amazingly onto the big screen.


Ricky (Christian Vincent) is a guy whom you will find with numerous new guys, back to back abrupt encounters in every sphere. The perfect queer promiscuity is inscribed into his character though as a person from the core he is Pure, Noah’s one of the dearest friend. Basically Ricky is obsessed with the drastic insecure relationships and all these encounters are a way of keeping himself restrained from all the complexity of relationships. “Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom” reveals a big facet of his mind rather a secret comes in the open. The day before Noah’s wedding Ricky confesses that he was in love with Noah long back from the time their friendship developed. You can easily recognize his affection towards Noah in several part of the story.  At the same time Christian Vincent’s hot body will drive you crazy each time he appears on the frame.



Chance Counter (Doug Spearman) is a work obsessed Professor. He is somehow tight with his principles and quite a bit more serious as a person though he shares several light moments with Noah, Ricky and Alex. A major part of the whole series deals with Chance’s complicated relationship problems with his boyfriend Eddie McIntyre (Jonathan Julian). They are now been married for long four years and appear to be extremely happy with each other on the surface though the flow of the story reveals the ugly reality that their relationship is in trouble. But things get resolved with the help of from only 19 year old Brandon (Gary Leroi Gray), invited guest of Ricky and also latest addition to his long list of guys.


Jason Steed as the character of Baby Gat, who was terribly after Noah from the season 2 and even in the movie adaption, was full of weird and funny traits with his brainless hilarious activities was surely a great comic relief. You people would surely consider him completely annoying in most of the Visuals. And the most interestingly his reckless activity bring Noah’s boss Brandy (Jennia Fredrique) to his wedding ceremony and her appearance added some eventful moments to the film which is really appreciable. As I said Noah’s Arc is full of events and a flow of dynamic storyline which you’ll hardly find in any American Gay dramedy. Noah’s Arc is completely from the other league.
The most beautiful part of “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the broom” is the Wedding Day and the day before wedding. When Noah calls Wade’s mother in the middle of the night, totally drunk, invites her in her son’s wedding, she was totally out of blue, she even didn’t know that her son was gay. And the next morning before their wedding starts she reaches to Wade’s ancestral home Martha’s Vineyard to bless them. It was really enthralling.  Wade didn’t even know that Noah gave a call to her. Some of the visuals including Alex missing his baby (adopted) whom he had to leave to his husband Trey Iverson (Gregory Kieth) added some different flavor to the Movie.


Patrik-Ian Polk’s groundbreaking black queer screen adaption brought a revolutionary wave as no director ever tried to portray the black gay community in this way which navigated through Los Angeles to LOGO television Network through the path of Love and life. That is why Noah’s Arc received huge applause from a big part of the Afro-American Gay community. Everyone loved each character dearly.

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