Picture Courtesy: Gargi Bhattacharya

A fire gives you warmth.

You need it,you know.

It may burn you,

Peel your skin off

Layer by layer,

Time after time,

But you need it,

Not for the warmth,

But seeing it you believe,

That you can glow and burn

Flicker and flame,

Pierce the darkness,

In colours yellow,blue,

Purple and what not!

Disperse the dull,

Char the unnecessary.

Power it is, part of the

Big fiery ball of helium.

The core of existence

Solar energy etc etc.

So you don’t run away from it.

You let it burn you,

And leave a scar in you,

Proof that all unnecessary

Is gone.

And you are now

Pure yourself,

Fiery and brave.

A lethal weapon,

Fire itself.

Gunjari Bhattacharya

Gunjari is basically a student of instrumentation engineering, keenly interested in writing. Her first love is visual arts, and She engages herself mostly in that. Besides working for Rotary International Dist 3291 (RC of Altruism) as the illustrator and designer , She also posts regularly on two cartoon blogs which she owns on facebook, and Quora. She writes because She loves that.
Her favourite writers are P.G. Wodehouse and Edgar Allan Poe in English literature. She loves the way how Poe plays with the macabre.

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