Were The World Mine

“I Wish I could be the cupid collecting the flower of introspection from the Garden of Eden, spreading the liquor of fragrance on those eyes and make my clandestine dreams come true and shining with Vibrating Brilliance with the aura of desire.”

This was my reaction after I completed watching Were The World Mine. It left a strange feeling which really lasted for few more days.



Let me tell the plot of Were The World Mine in short. Timothy a sensitive High school guy who is prone to escape from the Harsh reality around him. He finds the solitude through the series of Musical Daydreams and dazzles through those Utopian dreams. Though these utopian dreams conclude in very realistic ways of their own.  Timothy stumbles upon a hidden recipe in the script of Midsummer Night Dream, once he is being casted as the mystic Puck, a magical elf by the Drama Teacher at school for the annual Cultural Event.  The play soars Timothy’s drowned sprit much higher from the narrow town gay-ideologies and it also somehow imposes the puckish entity. “The course of true Love never did run smooth” – each of the word spreads the magical rainbow into Timothy’s dazzling dreams and he takes a bumpy ride on his puckishly dreams. Timothy being a lonesome gay kid had to face a lot in the rugby-field by the typical homophobic class-mates and eventually his mother used to face a large number of distractions to run the family though at the end of the movie she get to feel proud of her son. But fortunately he finds the magical way to spread the word of love amongst almost all the people around him.

Director Tom Gustafsons is a bit inexperienced in the craft that I admit but surprisingly the film come out with diversified hues. And the cast is simply incredible; they carry out the individual characters in such a way that gives the privilege for pure enjoyment. Were The World Mine is simply a gift to all alternative film-goers. Its rather beyond any analysis of the experience. No one would actually question about the blissful experience after watching the movie rather the movie enthralls a magical effect in the audience.


Wendy Robie as the drama teacher gives the air to the wings of the story. Tanner Cohen as Timothy plays the perfect lead for the film. He has a truly nice voice to sing the numbers to represent the emotional hurdle of the character and throw the dialogues according to the need of the drama and He has the aura that perfectly accompanies the acting skills that connects the audience particularly the manifestation of the longing For Jonathan played by Nathaniel David Becker. Nathaniel has the perfect Hunky kind of appeal balancing with the acting skills which forms the earnestness for him in Timothy. The film is called as musical drama. There were songs indeed but I expected more music though the music was truly mesmerizing and effective. The songs simply capture specific states of mind and the supernatural elements in the plot.


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