what are these two upto- fencing- 2008

Photo Courtesy: Arjun Mukerji

I did what I had to;
You did what you could.

Did we say goodbye,
That wintry morning?
Memory fails me.
Is it Time’s mercy,
Or my usual forgetfulness?
Imploring all my senses
To capture each moment
For eternity,I had lain awake
All autumn.
Yet so little remains,
Except a distant ache.
Now the leaves of summer
Glisten by;
A thumping rumbling vector
Hurls me to new destinies.

You did what you had to;
I did what I could.

Arjun Mukerji

Arjun Mukerji has trained and practiced as an urban planner, architect and interior designer. He dabbles in visual arts, performing arts, and poetry, only to indulge his whims. You can find more of his works at: and

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