The Imminent Danger


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The imminent danger of writing this letter is well ordinate, specified and delightfully enjoyable.

But the crux of this entire operah would be my immense and huge flow of emotions, which is so predictably cliché because of the clan that you fall in – the other side of my gender.

Had not this been a huge burden on my honest self, would have spent sleepless nights, would have filled up the ash pots, would have completed a few pitchers of the semi-carnic drinks, would not have gone ahead to try being a littérateur.

Though to be on the precise perspective, its not a carnal desire, neither a minimal metaphysical concept. But the eternal slide glancing splendor of your eyes would even put niké to shame. Though its always an alpha whose mind might wander in the night sky to get closer to the entire melodrama of being in love.

Ayan Deb

Ayan is a Communication Trainer ( Unit Manager) with Mphasis and Editor in Chief, He loves to stir up spices, books and movies. A nouveau writer. Loves the sheer artistry of fashion designing.

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