Digitization of New Age Cameras Broadens Your Vision

Over last few decades we have seen significant development in execution of cinema and this was only possible for the digitization of cameras and constant research of a significant number of professionals involved in this development. We often forget that usability of this powerful tool which is used in the production of motion pictures is as important as image quality; it is just a tool which facilitates vision. Perfectly designed cameras are powerful tools which lets you forget about anything else but hold the focus on making of impeccable imagery.

In current age of digitization of Cinema we have galore of designs which leaves a lot to be desired, today’s film makers involve a lot of gadgets in the making of a film. Today here I’ll talk about a brand new digital camera which is designed keeping everything in mind, be it design or form and functionality.

Image quality is great for a vast majority of cinema cameras, but plenty of them are just simply not very usable right out of the box. One of the chief trends right now is to make superior cameras smaller and lighter and designing a shape that was never designed for video before (Yes, speaking about DSLRs! Of-course). You must be wondering that what will happen to the last 30 or 40 years of camera design. Will it be gone forever? Over years Technology has made our cameras miniscule, but more often than not we have structured them right back up and adding all types of counterweights as well as shoulder supports.

There is a reason this camera is currently the most popular in high-end cinema:


It’s not just for the image quality. That is a part of the discussion; nevertheless it is also thoughtfully designed. It is harmonious and easy to work with. A camera that is functional without needing a bunch of accessories is going to give you the least headache on set. For some reason only cameras above a certain price threshold even consider these things. What was wrong with this kind of design?


It’s simply mountable, coordinated and you can throw it on your shoulder without even thinking about the weight. That doesn’t mean either of these designs is perfect or they are right for every job (per se 3D) but then again how did we flinch getting cameras that look like this?



This new cinema camera has unveiled which combines thoughtful design and a functional form factor with compact image quality. It may not be flamboyant, but it does its job and let you achieve your vision.



Picture Source: schumachercamera.com

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